In the past I would say I’m disappointed but not surprised

Today in the present I just say I’m still not surprised

I can no longer be comfortable just turning a blind eye

Disguising all of your evil was the only real thing you specialized

I’m now longer your obedient little pet just eating and regurgitating all your lies

Trial and error

Nightmares making things impossible to forget

It’s getting old waking up in a cold sweat

I’m trying to be better but it’s all through trial and error

Still good days grow scarce and it feels like my day to day is more of a night terror

Almost unable to recognize myself in the mirror

I thought by now the finish line would be something I could see a little clearer


I can hear my own hear beating

It’s the theme song for history repeating 

My strength won’t allow me to be defeated 

Even if my ability to find hope has nearly depleted 

Nothing you can say will coax my finger off the trigger

So save your last words for the ears of the gravedigger